About Us


“经典美容中心”是面向邻里,集面部护理、纹绣,美体、香薰、中草药调养为一体的综合性美容院,同时代理Dermaesthetics and Dermedex等多个国际知名高档护肤品牌,并多次受到代理品牌公司总部的嘉奖。 “中心”采用国际标准美容服务管理体系,凭借优质的产品、服务以及先进的健康美容理念,为爱美人士提供舒适、温馨的护肤环境,以及先进、科学美容保健的平台。


“The Classic Beauty, The Classic of Beauty”

Classic Beauty Center is a community-based beauty saloon that provides a full range of skincare services, integrating facial treatment, embroidery and tattooing with spa and herbal treatment. Meanwhile, it acts as an agent for world-known brand-name skincare products such as Dermaesthetics and Dermedex , and has been commended by the represented companies for outstanding performance on several occasions.

Classic Beauty Center boasts of two existing chain stores that complement each other with regard to its locations and specialties, together with a team of high caliber beauticians who are committed to the motto: “Your Beauty, Our Classic”. It aspires to accommodate a growing clientele with service of international standards, featuring best practice of state-of-the-art concepts of health & beauty, which guarantees the best customer experience.